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Cellular Regeneration Cream
(“The Dream Cream” according to the NYT) Applying the most advanced cellular science technology, this rejuvenating cream preserves your skins texture and tone, softens the look of fine lines and visibly restores that radiant glow. Using a unique combination of active ingredients, RARE Swiss Apple Stem Cells, Vitis Venifera (Grape) Seed Extract and a multitude of Extremely active peptides, CRC is the ULTIMATE anti-aging moisturizer that not only delivers intense hydration but addresses acne scarring, rosacea and minor irritations. This cream will FAR exceed your expectations. Use both Day and Evening. Lightly scented HOW TO USE:After cleansing, and your eye cream, apply to face, neck, and décolleté. Recommended as a night cream but effective as a day cream as well depending on your skins needs.